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The Sailor

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The Sailor
by Iyaash Ibrahim - Wednesday, 20 February 2019, 7:24 AM

The Sailor

Across the sea
There sailed a boat
With its tiny sails flapping about.

Inside the boat
Across the deck
There lay a boy, bored and calm.

He felt the sea
He breathed the winds
And his heart was shining bright.

His eyes were closed
His breaths came short
But a smile was on his face.

When the moon shined
The boy stood up
And the sea, it kissed his feet.

He raised his arms
To touch the moon
Which shied away with a laugh.

And then he smiled
And looked away
And tried to swim in the sea.

The cold blue diamonds
They touched his skin
Stealing his breath, stealing his warmth.

Then he dived
Within the sea
And it claimed his life again.

And once again
On a full moon day
He will sail his boat across the world.