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Trip to Shangri-la

Trip to Shangri-la

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Feydhoo School Management, Staff & Students would like to thank Ms. Yaw Ling Wong, and Mr. Rudolf Gimmi for organizing and conducting this trip. Our hearty gratitude goes out to Mr. Ahmed Sinaan, Mr. Aam Kamaludin, Ms Audery Murugaya and Mr. Eliseo San Jose for their involvement in giving information to our students. At the same time we would like to appreciate Mr. Hassan Ibrahim, Ms Marge Da Costa & Mr. Desmond Chan for their part in this wonderful session. Also, we would like to thank Mr. Tony Hawes for the informative presentation he gave.

On the whole, our compliments goes out to the generous hospitality, the friendly environment & the success of the trip.

Thank you for making this trip memorable.