Topic outline

  • General


    Club coordinator : Hawwa Heena Shathir (Teacher)

    Club teachers: Stalin Jose (Teacher)

                              Maryam Saeeda (Teacher)

    Club presient : Mohamed Naim Rasheed (Grade 10C, 3220)

    Club secretary : Aishath Saha Rasheed (Grade 9A, 2766)

    HR Club Objectives

    Through the club activities students will be able to

    • Understand what human rights are
    • Understand the responsibilities that goes along with rights
    • Recognize how human rights have been originated
    • Create a culture among the students that respects human rights
    • Know and create the spirit to respect others rights
    • Gain knowledge and understand the importance of Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other treaties
    • Recognize how human rights are entitled by law and ethics
    • Recognize how human rights are entitled by constitution
    • Know the rights and responsibilities of students and use them in their daily life
    • Recognize and understand the work of Human Rights Commission of the Maldives and how complaints are lodge
    • Inculcate ethical considerations and values. It is underpinned by common values such as, tolerance, effective communication when making decisions, respect for self and others, importance of obeying laws and regulations, accepting and respecting differences, establishing relationships and working towards peace, working towards for fairness and social justice, accepting and respecting different ideas and showing empathy.

    Activities for the year 2015

    • HR Awareness workshop for HR club and all students of FS
    • Anti Bullying campaign 
    • Public awareness campaign 
    • Human Rights Week
    • Represent HR club in all school activities and public events (if possible)
    • HR camp
    • Annual Meeting