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This course is made for the purpose encouraging reading habit among the students. The programme is planned in a way that all students of grade 4 and 5 can participate and earn badges. Students may earn 7 badges by filling the readers logs after reading books and articles. Students can earn badges after full filling the following criteria. 

Starter badge

You can achieve the badge right after completing of the first reading log. Remember that this is just a beginning. You have a long way to go to earn all seven badges.  You need to comply with all the

Bronze Reader

You can earn this badge by reading 5 books and 2 Articles and by filling seven reader’s logs.

Silver Reader

To earn this badge you will have to read 8 books and 5 articles in this section. You must fill the readers log for the books and Articles you read.

Gold Reader

Ruby reader

Emerald reader

Diamond reader